About Us

SITI: /‘ siti/- a respectable lady

Sitibeauty is an online journal that inspires and motivates women of all shapes, sizes and colour to fall in love with their bodies all over again.

What we do

  • Create a comfortable platform for all women to share their life stories and motivate them to let go of all past baggage and actively take steps towards self-love and appreciation.
  • Provide timeless and luxurious fashion products for all women.


We live in a society where everything seems to be dictated by the media. How we should look, how we should dress, how we should eat…this list is endless. We want to empower women to live fearlessly and as authentically as they see fit for themselves, having no apologies.

Our mission

To create a positive and dynamic community of bold and fearless women!

Want to become a siti woman?

Email us: hello@sitibeauty.com and kindly attach high-quality pictures so we can put a face to your story. Don’t be too worried about how your story will sound, we’ll go through it and help you anywhere you may need assistance. Go on now, share your story.